Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMechE

Railway Division Lecture: Chairman's Address

16 September 2013

Asset management is a broad subject but ultimately it is about ensuring that the asset remains fit for purpose throughout its expected life at a price which is affordable.

This lecture highlights the importance for the engineer to be guided by the commercial reality in his relations with the supply chain, the customer and the OEM, highlighting past failures that have created either safety risks for the operator or commercial risks for the owner. It will also argue that at a time when today’s railways are changing technically more quickly than at any time in its history, there is a commercial need for a proper design authority structure to be in place for the life of an asset.

Presented by Chris Moss, Consultant, Relationship Development, Eversholt

Chris joined BR (Southern) as a sponsored engineering student in 1968. On completion of training he joined the Mechanical section in the Rolling Stock Development department at Croydon, where he specialised in air and brakes systems. He moved to Bounds Green in 1984 as a Production Manager and fours years later he became Depot Manager at Brighton.

At Privatisation he joined Eversholt Leasing, one of the newly formed Roscos, where he created the whole life cost models for a number of ex BR fleets. He was Head of Commercial Sevices for the south of London rolling stock before becoming Head of Engineering in 2000 immediately after the Hatfield accident. He worked on a number of cross industry bodies including the Standards Committee, ERTMS and V& TC SIC. As a result of a desired reduction in working hours he became Head of Engineering Strategy and is now a consultant working on bid preparations.



: Chris Moss, Consultant, Relationship Development, Eversholt

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes