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Alastair Graham Bryce Memorial Lecture: Inspiring the Young to Engineering – Formula AGB

12 June 2013

Dr Alastair Graham Bryce (AGB) spent his working career in consulting but on retiring there was a new found love - encouraging children into engineering and Imagineering was the vehicle. Alastair not only contributed to establishing interventions that were likely to be effective in directing children towards technology and engineering, but also developed material to expand the impact on children. He actively went to the classroom testing his ideas and was forever advocating to all the necessity for effective intervention.

The lecture follows the development of ideas and practices within Imagineering showing how Alastair's marvellous mind crystallised them to themes.

Presented by Bob Shanks, Chairman, Imagineering Foundation.
Bob started academic life at what is now Brighton University and continued with post graduate studies at Imperial College and later at Warwick Business School. He has been a member of the IMechE for over 50 years.

The majority of working life was with the Swedish company Sandvik where he was primarily concerned with design and manufacture introducing advanced systems in the design and manufacture business.

Since retiring from Sandvik he helped set up a Midlands Manufacturing Section which has matured into an educational charity, the Imagineering Foundation, aimed at encouraging children to consider a career in engineering. With the help of Dr Alastair Graham Bryce this has developed into an acknowledged force in the school education area.


Alastair Graham-Bryce Memorial Lecture

: Bob Shanks, Chairman, Imagineering Foundation

Duration: 1.15