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Technology transfer from F1 to the automotive industry

24 January 2013

Speaker: Peter Van Mannen, Managing Director of McLaren Electronic Systems

McLaren Electronic Systems (MESL) was formed in 1989 and develops, manufactures and deploys control and data systems to the professional motor sport market. The company is the Official Engine Control Unit (ECU) Supplier to the FIA Formula One World Championship, NASCAR Sprint Cup and IZOD IndyCar Series. In addition, it will provide the electric power train for the new FIA Formula E Series from 2014. The company employs 180 engineers and technicians in offices in the UK and the USA.
In this talk, Peter will discuss the applications of electronics innovation, developed in Formula One, within road cars. Twenty five years ago this led to the widespread adoption of fuel injection and antilock braking, reducing emissions and improving safety. Today it is promoting the development and appeal of hybrids and electric vehicles, seeded by the adoption of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) back in 2009. It is also showing the way with high speed mobility systems, based on telemetry that has been at the heart of the sport for 20 years. These developments are already starting to find their way into new automobiles.


Technology transfer from F1 to the automotive industry

: Peter van Manen is Managing Director of McLaren Electronic Systems. He has been with McLaren for over 20 years and, in this time, has seen the company grow from supplying control and data systems to a single Formula One team in 1993 to becoming the sole supplier to the 3 biggest racing series in the world today. The company also develops and supply systems for the automotive, aerospace and general transport industries. Before joining McLaren Peter worked in the railway and mining industries. Peter has a degree in mechanical engineering from Adelaide and a PhD from London.

Duration: 1hr