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Sustaining Real Innovation in Railway and Trains: The Centrality of Technology

14 January 2013

Real Innovation means different things to different people. In a simple way it is the challenge to improve the railways and the trains in a joined up way with technology developments and changes. This could be in the area of significantly enhanced stopping capability of trains, operating trains in convoys or resilient infrastructure designs, amongst others. These changes could be incremental or a radical ‘paradigm shift’, but this all depends on both the development of the technologies and the application methodology. All are seen as opportunities to bring longer term improvements to the railways and the trains as a joined up system.

Andy Doherty’s talk will introduce the challenges and opportunities in this area with a focus on technology. He will discuss the question of what may be needed in the future, and what we may need to do to get there. The talk will also explore some of the technology development opportunities in the UK and the Joint Technology Initiative (JTI).

Andy Doherty, Director of System Engineering, Network Rail

Andy is an Electrical System Engineers and an expert in rolling stock design, the mechanical interface between train and track, transmission based signalling systems such as ETCS, and electro-magnetic compatibility. Since graduating from Brunel University with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, he has worked at London Underground, Kvaerner and Network Rail in a variety of senior roles. He is currently Director of System Engineering at Network Rail and is leading a system overview of the railways, insuring the integration of interfaces with train and the various engineering disciplines. Andy also leads all the Network Rail activities and processes on R & D, wheel and rail interfaces, acceptance of systems and equipment, and sets policies for all European work regarding new standards. Outside of this he is also a visiting Professor at Southampton and Newcastle Universities, and is the Chairman of the European Infrastructure Managers (EIM) Support Group. This group is currently helping to develop the European Railway Agency’s new standards and contributing its thoughts to a number of European Projects such as INESS.


Sustaining real innovation in railway and trains

: Andy Doherty
Director of System Engineering, Network Rail

Duration: 1h 20mins