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Railway Division Chairman's Address: Efficiency & Opportunity In Railway Engineering

26 September 2011

Presented by Bill Reeve, Transport Scotland

Efficient railway engineering can significantly improve the bottom line of a railway business. This requires sound railway business management connected with well developed engineers. Drawing from experience of a wide range of railway businesses and projects, this address will demonstrate the value of connecting engineering decisions with the joined-up management of rail revenue and cost. It will also address the importance of opportunities for professional development of railway engineers at all levels

Bill Reeve has become this year's Chairman of the Railway Division after twenty eight years experience in British Rail, the privatised rail industry, and now as a senior civil servant in the Scottish Government.

Bill's career has included production management at vehicle maintenance depots; rail freight business development; rail policy and strategy development; management of rail franchise contracts; and major rail project sponsorship including new railways, rolling stock and service developments.

Bill was Director of Project Sponsorship at the Strategic Rail Authority prior to joining Transport Scotland to establish its Rail Delivery capability following the devolution of rail powers to the Scottish Parliament in 2005. He is currently Commercial Director at Transport Scotland, with responsibility for procurement of rolling stock and the next ScotRail Franchise.


Railway Division Chairman's Address: Efficiency & Opportunity in Railway Engineering

: Bill Reeve, Chairman of the Railway Division

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins