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Dr Tim Fox on BBC News 24 talking about UK's Fourth Carbon Budget

17 May 2011

Dr Tim Fox, Head of Energy and Environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, on BBC News 24 talking about the UK Government's Fourth Carbon Budget porposals


Dr Tim Fox on BBC News 24 on UK's Fourth Carbon Budget

: Dr Tim Fox on BBC News 24 on UK's Fourth Carbon Budget

Duration: 3.10

Forthcoming Events

CMI Diploma (L5) in Leadership & Management Skills for CEng (Glasgow)

Date: 10 June 2014 - 08 January 2015
Event Type: 213 day TPD Training

New engineering manager - 30-31 July - London

Date: 30 July 2014 - 31 July 2014
Event Type: 2 day TPD Training

Our most popular training programme has been specifically designed for engineers who take up responsibility for managing people for the first time.

Thanks to a comprehensive toolbox of leadership and management tools, this interactive and intensive course is the foundation of your future career in management. Find practical solutions to the most common problems managers face such as: how to motivate people. How to build a successful team. How to engage all my team in the goals set for our department.

This course tells you the things you need to know when taking the step from being a technical expert to a manager, and how to do it successfully.

After the course you will be able to: 

  • Set, monitor and achieve SMART goals for yourself and your team
  • Motivate all the members of your team to work towards the team goals
  • Build an effective and high-performing team
  • Delegate appropriately and effectively
  • Use performance management to get the best out of everyone
  • Take appropriate steps to deal with poor performance

Topics covered include: 

  • Leadership versus management: how to modify your leadership style to respond to your people and the situation
  • Performance management: getting the best from your people and operating the company appraisal procedures effectively
  • Delegation: responsibility and accountability
  • How equality and diversity influence you as a manager
  • Your role in the company’s communication processes
  • Using communication tools appropriately
  • Team building: understanding the team development model and conflict as a normal team dynamic
  • Motivation: understanding motivational factors for yourself and others
  • Recruitment and selection: the manager’s role in these processes

 Who should attend:  

This programme is designed for new line managers and specialists entering their first management role. 

APMP - 4-8 August - London

Date: 04 August 2014 - 08 August 2014
Event Type: 5 day TPD Training

Presentation skills - Glasgow - 5-6 August

Date: 05 August 2014 - 06 August 2014
Event Type: 2 day TPD Training

International management - 5-6 August - London

Date: 05 August 2014 - 06 August 2014
Event Type: 2 day TPD Training