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46th John Player Memorial Lecture: At the Cutting, Scratching and Piercing Edges

23 March 2011

Presented by Tony Atkins, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Reading and Visiting Professor at Imperial College London

Unlike most engineering materials, for which cutting theories have been developed, many biological materials like skin, blood vessels and tendons are soft, highly non-linear, highly extensible, anisotropic and hysteretic. What difference does that make to a surgeon or to someone attacking with a knife? Again, dressmakers will know the benefits of cutting fabrics ‘on the bias’, which are impossible to tear other than along the warp and weft.

Attending will leave you wondering whether men should consider shaving with a potato peeler and women whether they manicure their nails properly. These are not trivial thoughts!


46th John Player Lecture

: Presented by Tony Atkins

Duration: 75 minutes