Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMechE

Formula Student 2011

14 July 2011

Formula Student is the largest educational engineering competition of its kind in the world. Backed by industry and high profile engineers such as its Patron Ross Brawn, the competition aims to inspire and develop enterprising and innovative young engineers.

University students are challenged to design and build a single seat racing car and compete with it in a series of static and dynamic events.


01 FS Promotional DVD

: Silverstone 2010

Duration: 6 mins

02 Oxford Brookes Promotional DVD 2006

Speaker(s): Craig Dawson

Duration: 1min 28 secs


: Acceleration

Duration: 6mins 59 secs

Acceleration Final

Speaker(s): Acceleration Final

Duration: 53 secs

Awards Ceremony Part 1

: Awards Ceremony Saturday

Duration: 24 mins 16 secs

Awards Ceremony Part 2

Speaker(s): Awards Ceremony Part 2 (Sunday)

Duration: 41 mins 2 secs

Endurance Event

: Endurance Event

Duration: 3 mins 23 secs

Friday Practice

Speaker(s): Friday Practice

Duration: 5 mins 43 secs

Opening Ceremony

: Formula Student 2011 Opening Ceremony

Duration: 39 mins

Palestinian Car takes first acceleration challenge

Speaker(s): Palestinian Car takes first acceleration challenge

Duration: 1 min 36 secs

Presentation Demo (Top class 1 & 1A Teams)

: Craig Powers (Head Presentation Judge)

Duration: 24 mins 47 secs

Sprint Event

Speaker(s): Sprint Event

Duration: 6 mins 3 secs