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Modelling a Sustainable World - ASHRAE Annual Lecture 2010

07 October 2010

SPEAKER: Lynn G. Bellenger, President, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

This lecture is jointly organised with CIBSE. The event will include a presentation from the ASHRAE President, as well as presentations from the Building Services Graduate of the Year finalists (organised by the CIBSE ASHRAE Group). Towards the end of the evening, awards will be presented to CBSD Annual Prize Winner and Graduate of the Year Winner.

This lecture on the topic of Modelling a Sustainable World, will note that in energy simulation, daylight analysis, CFD and BIM software, we have powerful modelling tools that enable us to create and refne our vision of a building - its appearance, systems, operation and performance. These resources, used effectively in an integrated design process for new buildings and in analysing retroft opportunities in existing buildings, will help us guide building owners, architects, developers, and contractors in building orientation, shading, and shape and in selecting materials, windows, equipment, and systems that optimise building performance.

“Our biggest challenge is implementing integrated design in daily practice. The traditional approach where the architect designs the building shape, orientation, and envelope and then transmits the drawings to the mechanical and electrical engineers for their design is a silo approach that misses the rich opportunities for optimising building performance through a collaborative approach from the beginning. It is going to require a real cultural shift in our industry to transform the design process, and it’s a shift that has to occur if we are going to reach our goal of net-zero-energy buildings.”


ASHRAE Lecture 2010

: Student Graduate Competition Finalists
Ant Wilson, CBSD Prize Winner
Lynn Bellenger, ASHRAE President

Duration: 46 minutes