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New Nuclear Build: The Role of the Independent Nuclear Safety Regulator

03 June 2010

Speaker: Kevin Allars, Director, New Nuclear Build Generic Design Assessment, Nuclear Directorate, Health and Safety Executive

HSE and the Environment Agency are working together to assess designs for new nuclear power stations that might eventually be built and operated in the UK.  The unique assessment process, known as Generic Design Assessment (GDA) is a four step process designed to allow for the assessment of the designs before major nuclear constructions starts, which improves overall regulatory effectiveness and minimises regulatory uncertainty.

The GDA process also sets new standards for openness and transparency in nuclear regulation, and back in November last year HSE published 33 reports summarising the progress made in the assessment at the end of Step 3 of the process.  HSE also publishes a quarterly report and will publish another suite of reports at the end of Step 4, due in June 2011.

The following areas will be covered:

  • The importance of regulatory independence

  • Progress to date on the design assessment process

  • The challenges of undertaking assessment of developing design proposals rather than complete designs

  • How the Generic Design Assessment process will aid the ability of new build to progress in a timely fashion

  • The ongoing regulatory role during construction and commissioning phases of new build

  • With the Nuclear Regulator now 50 years old, how is it developing itself to service the next 50 years


The Role of the Independant Nuclear Safety Regulator

: Kevin Allars, HSE

Duration: 100 mins