Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMechE

Industry insights

12 May 2010

Discover what the eight different engineering sectors are really like. Whether you’re thinking about manufacturing, power, process, aerospace, medical, railway, automobile or construction, be sure to check out IMechE’s industry overviews, as well as our video interviews with young engineers from each of these sectors.

For each industry sector, you’ll find out what’s involved on a day to day basis, what sort of projects you might work on and what the challenges of the future entail.



: Stephen Philips, Stress Engineer, Bombardier Inc.

Duration: 00:02:34


Speaker(s): Oliver Tomlin, Principal Engineer, Mira Ltd.

Duration: 0:02:17

Construction and Building

: Amit Misra, Mechanical Engineer, Aecom

Duration: 00:02:12


Speaker(s): Eunice Cinammon, Mechanical Engineer

Duration: 00:03:13

Medicine and Health

: Iain Charlton, Biomechanical Research and Development Engineer, Vicon

Duration: 00:02:54


Speaker(s): Francisca Wiggins, Turbine Interface Engineer, Atlantis Resources Corporation

Duration: 000:03:14


: Chris Tudor, Technical Development Manager, Hydratight

Duration: 00:04:47


Speaker(s): Arno Bajon, Graduate Scheme Mechanical Engineer, Network Rail

Duration: 00:03:53