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45th John Player Lecture: The Challenges of “Deep”

15 March 2010

This lecture will focus on two aspects:
- hoisting in “ultra deep” (> 3000m) mine shafts, where the objective is the safe raising and lowering of a conveyance holding 250 miners at speeds of up to 22m/sec (~ 50 mph)
- offshore operations but particularly mooring floating oil production systems in deep waters (~ 2000m) where the effectiveness of “station keeping” is the primary criterion

Although simple mechanics can help us understand a lot about these systems,
not all the answers are obvious.

Presented by:
Professor Richard Chaplin

Professor Richard Chaplin joined the University of Reading as an academic engineer. From this he progressed from Lecturer all the way through the ranks to become Chair of Engineering Science and eventually Head of Department, Engineering Science.

Richard was coordinator/manager of the Marine Technology Directorate national
research programme focusing on wire rope in offshore applications. He established the Reading Rope Research Group, investigating rope fatigue modelling and service
simulation, non-destructive testing, system design and regulation, inspection, failure investigation, maintenance and discard.

Now retired from university, Professor Chaplin runs a consultancy practice
investigating a wide range of rope and related problems.


45th John Player Lecture recording

: Presented by:
Professor Richard Chaplin

Duration: 01:22:32