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Nuclear Build: A Vote of no confidence?

10 March 2010

With only forty years to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, the UK Government has recognised the need for a new nuclear build programme. This will provide the extra electricity needed to help transition sectors, such as transport and built environment, to low-carbon alternatives. However, until the nuclear industry is fully confident that the Government is committed to a long-term nuclear future, it is unlikely to commit the billions of pounds of investment needed for a new wave of nuclear power stations.

This report proposes a number of recommendations which could help bridge the confidence gap between industry and Government and help the nation achieve its
long-term low-carbon targets.


How does a nuclear reactor work?

: No sound

Duration: 2min

Nuclear Build: A Vote of no confidence by UK Government?

Speaker(s): IMechE CEO, Stephen Tetlow, discusses our new report, "Nuclear Build: A Vote of no confidence?". In it we recommend how industry and Government can work together to achieve the UK's long-term low-carbon targets.

Duration: 3 min

Sky News interviews Dr Tim Fox on the future of nuclear power in Britain

: IMechE’s Head of Energy and Environment, Dr Tim Fox, speaks to Sky News about our latest report, "Nuclear Build: A Vote of no confidence?"

Duration: 03:11

Working in the Nuclear industry

Speaker(s): What's it like to work in the nuclear industry? Two of our young members tell us about their jobs in the industry, and explain how nuclear power is providing reliable, low-carbon energy for the UK.

Duration: 5 min