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Liquefied Natural Gas – the chain and how it works

25 February 2010



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Lecture commences at 18:00hrs

Speaker: William S Wayne CEng FIMarEST

General Manager, Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO)


The LNG projects are often likened to a chain consisting of interlinking components i.e. production, liquefaction, transport by sea, receiving and regasification.  This lecture aims to describe the components of the chain and give some insights into the technology and the commercial aspects of how the chain works.  From this, the relevance to the UK will be explained.


However, before trying to address the main subject, a little time must be spent on the properties of LNG since, at first sight, refrigerating natural gas to -160°C to produce LNG sounds a counter-intuitive process.  The role of simple physics in understanding the processes will be explained. The safety aspects of LNG in transport and storage will also be discussed (e.g. LNG ships have been described as ‘floating bombs’ – is this true?).   It is also appropriate to help to put LNG into context by having some discussion about alternatives for getting gas to market e.g. pipelines, compressed natural gas (CNG) transport and gas-to-liquids (GTL).

Refreshments at 17:30hrs

Lecture commences at 18:00hrs

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Liquefied Natural Gas

: William Wayne, General Manager and COO, Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operations (SIGTTO)

Chairman: Norman Harris, Committee Member for the Process Industries Division and he is Director, 20CC Ltd, 40 Maybourne Grange, Croydon CRO 5NH and

Vote of thanks: Don Barber, Committee Member of the Oil, Gas and Chemical Committee and is from Enmat International.

Duration: 1:39:20