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Climate Change - Have We Lost the Battle?

26 November 2009

18.00 – 21.00 (refreshments provided) 

Chaired by Vivienne Parry, Writer and Broadcaster

If climate change is one of the biggest threats to mankind and our planet, what can we as engineers do about it? Do we have the right strategy to win this war or is it simply too late?

Over the years there have been many international agreements to reduce greenhouse gases. However, global emissions continue to rise and the planet is slowly getting hotter.

In the UK, the Government is attempting to tackle climate change almost entirely on mitigation strategies. However, all evidence still shows that we are losing this battle. So is there an alternative course of action?

Through a series of high profile reports, the Institution has promoted a new, radical action plan to combat our rising CO2 levels. Could this holistic approach to climate change, adopting mitigation, adaptation and geo-engineering techniques in an integrated battle plan, be the best plan to win the climate change war?

The Institution would like to invite you to a debate on the potential approaches to climate change. The debate will:

  • Consider the three key approaches of mitigation, adaption and geo-engineering

  • Debate the relative advantages and disadvantages of the three methods – in a national and international context

  • Discuss what the UK should be doing from now on to ensure we win the climate change war

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Climate Change - have we lost the battle?

: Chair - Vivienne Parry, Broadcaster and Journalist
Tim Fox - Environment and Energy Theme Manager, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Ed Jackson - Mitigation
Celina Rajanayagam - Adaptation
Lindsey Malcolm - Geoengineering

Duration: 120 minutes