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Feeding the Tigers

18 December 2007

China and India could both be described as Asian new tiger economies. Though the term was first coined to describe South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong back in the 80's many of the defining characteristics such as rapid industrialisation, an export driven economy and double digit growth are now very true of both China and India. In both countries their automotive industries are making a major contribution to this rapid growth and economic prosperity. In China last year, growth in the automotive industry was a staggering 27% and vehicle production exceeded 7.2 million. This year up to the end of August almost six million vehicles have been sold in China. This is all the more impressive when you consider that in 1985 there were less than 60 private cars registered in Beijing.

As these Asian automotive tigers grow at dog year rates there is a window of opportunity for those able to feed their insatiable appetite for technology. Along with many other nations, the UK automotive fraternity has already risen to this challenge and in almost every corner of our industry you will find strong connections, an increasing mutual dependency and corporate relationships that have been broken through the cultural barriers.

Feeding the Tigers explores the development of some of Asia's automotive tigers and considers the influence that the UK automotive industry has had over their formative years. It will also review the current state of their automotive industries, the influencing factors and ambitions and considers possible future scenarios when the tigers eventually come of age.

Meet the Speaker

Terry Spall was Chairman of the Automobile Division which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2007.



: Terry Spall, former Chairman IMechE Automobile Division

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