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Technical Harmonisation of European Railways

11 October 2007

This lecture will question whether the technical harmonisation of European railways is a necessary process for the borderless operations an open market,or a threat to innovation and competitiveness.

The European Framework and Directives for the regulated interoperability of the railways were put in force to ensure seamless cross border operations and create a more open by lowering the technical barriers to competition, without impairing safety. The technical specifications for interoperability, published under these Directives, define the technical rules for interoperability with which rolling stock or infrastructure, must comply.

Meet the Speaker

Eric Fontanel has spent all his professional life in the railway manufacturing industry, holding various positions in traction and rolling stock engineering. He has worked with Eurostar high speed trains for the operations through the Channel Tunnel and with the locomotive business of ALSTOM Transport, as well as with the European authorities and standardisation bodies as Director for standards and regulations. Eric was recently appointed General Manager of the UNIFE, the European Association of Railways Manufacturing Industries.



: Eric Fontanel, General Manager of the UNIFE

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