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The Unknown Risk is the Infinite Risk

11 June 2007

This lecture addresses the existence of a wide range of unknown risks in modern business. Generally, industrial organisations understand their core operational risks very well, but will often not fully address the entire range of risks within which their operations are embedded, or
often, how these inter-relate. Much effort is devoted to mitigating these core risks, but often this will cause other, vital but unseen risks to be disregarded. This lecture proposes a different approach to risk management and mitigation, based on an integrated view of the entire risk context and suggesting a methodology which will take in the entire range of threats and hazards which face the modern enterprise.

Meet the Speaker

Henrik Kiertzner is an Associate Director in Arup Security and Risk Consulting, a specialist consultancy group within the Arup Group, the global firm of engineers, designers and consultants. He is responsible for corporate resilience, security masterplanning, information security, threat and risk assessment and business development within the practice. He joined Arup in 1999 after a long career in the British Army.



: Henrik Kiertzner, Associate Director, Arup Security and Risk

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