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Hugh Ford Management Lecture 2013 - Innovation, entrepreneurship, management and leadership in an engineering company

20 February 2013

Presented by Chris Rea OBE, BSc, CEng, FIMechE, DL, Managing Director, AESSEAL

Chris' presentation will cover his journey to entrepreneurship, product, process and marketing innovation. A leader for thirty years, join Chris as he discusses sustaining an intrapreneurial culture as an organisation grows.

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Delivering UK space capability into orbit

05 May 2011

Using examples from the UK’s largest and most complex military satellite system – Skynet 5, scientific satellites such as Aeolus, Lisa Pathfinder and ExoMars Rover – Patrick Wood will explain how engineering managers can overcome these hurdles to meet the requirements of quality, schedule and cost, while managing the risks and contingency funding to meet high operational targets.

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Developing Innovative Vehicles: The Challenges and Demands (James Clayton Memorial Lecture)

18 October 2010

This lecture examines the paradox of innovation, and the challenges faced when developing ground-breaking vehicles to meet the demands of the global markets.

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Delivering a Gold Medal Project - Building the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Management Challenge Lecture

24 March 2010

This lecture explores the challenges that management face in delivering the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the critical success factors in appropriately planning and delivering on London 2012’s commitments.

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Nuclear Power - from Last Gasp to Second Wind (Management Challenge Lecture 2009)

24 March 2009

The lecture will review the tumultuous changes taking place in the nuclear industry; from its enthusiastic beginnings, through the darker days and on to the current resurgence.

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Developing Great People (Hugh Ford Management Lecture)

18 February 2009

What do you think makes your business successful? What does 'great' mean? What drives people to be great - is it nature or nurture?

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Responding to Climate Change by Rethinking Urban Infrastructure, a Very Complex Challenge - Hugh Ford Management Lecture

11 April 2007

Peter Head, a world leader in sustainable development in cities. He will explore the radical approach that has been taken in China to design and deliver a new paradigm of urban development in response to climate

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