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Artificial Trees: Giving us the time to act?

26 October 2011

There is growing recognition that our efforts to curb our emissions of greenhouse gases are failing. Furthermore, governments across the world continue to struggle with the challenge of reaching a binding agreement that will keep the global mean temperature rise below the 2°C threshold.
As a result, it is becoming ever more important for us to seek ways of radically accelerating emissions reduction while simultaneously exploring the full range of tools we can use to tackle global warming.
One controversial technology, known as air capture, could extract carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the atmosphere. Although in the early stage of development, there is a growing interest in the contribution that could be made from air capture machines such as artificial trees which would facilitate both carbon removal and carbon recycling.
Professor Klaus Lackner is a pioneer of artificial tree technology and Dr Tim Fox a leading thinker in this area. Their lecture will examine the role that such a tool can play in tackling the challenge of global warming and provide a live demonstration of CO2 removal, returning atmospheric air to its pre-industrial carbon condition. They will outline what might be possible from an engineering point of view and explore how, where and when deployment could take place.

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Transition engineering - rethinking everything

21 September 2011

A lecture organised by the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Group.

Transition Engineering encompasses the engineering challenges of technological as well as non-technological changes required for transition to a sustainable future and will need the vision and creativity of engineers in all existing engineering disciplines. Dr Susan Krumdieck is a visionary engineer and engaging speaker working on Transition Engineering in New Zealand; she will share her vision of a new kind of engineering and a new opportunity for engineers to help create a sustainable future.

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Global Cleantech Cluster Association press launch

21 March 2011

Press launch for the GCCA in conjunction with Ecoconnect and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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Climate Change - Have We Lost the Battle?

26 November 2009

If climate change is one of the biggest threats to mankind and our planet, what can we as engineers do about it? Do we have the right strategy to win this war or is it simply too late?  The Chairman of the Young Members’ Board, Jonathan Hursthouse, invites you to the climate change question time debate.

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Nissan Battery Investment

20 July 2009

Dr Colin Brown speaks on Nissan's plans to manufacture batteries at its Sunderland car plant.

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Green Tariffs versus Green Wash

01 December 2008

Juliet Davenport, Chief Executive of The Good Energy Group PLC explains what "green tariffs" mean and what their effect on the total installed capacity of renewable generation is. She explores the conflicts with ROCS and what difference the new feed-in tariffs will make.

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Maintain to Sustain - Delivering ASHRAE's Sustainability Promise

09 October 2008

This Presidential Lecture focuses on operating buildings to deliver the energy efficiency inherent in their design, including effective commissioning, improved documentation, and programs to educate and certify building operators.

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Synthetic Methanol as a Sustainable Transport Fuel

24 September 2008

It is now widely accepted that we must take substantial action if we are to avoid disastrous consequences of climate change driven by man-made CO2 emissions. This factor, combined with concerns over the geopolitical distribution of remaining oil reserves is forcing us to consider alternatives to fossil fuels and this lecture examines some of the possibilities.

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Energy for Transport - 95th Thomas Hawksley Memorial Lecture

17 December 2007

Nearly all our transport is fuelled by the burning of hydrocarbons. Thus transport is the largest single producer of CO2 and curbing its growth presents an enormous challenge to society at large and our political masters. Great hope is placed on the role of technology for 'decarbonising' transport.

This lecture outlines and discusses the technologies which may help in the next few decades, together with some of the policy measures which are becoming increasingly necessary.

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