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Technology transfer from F1 to the automotive industry

24 January 2013

Speaker: Peter Van Mannen, Managing Director of McLaren Electronic Systems

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The 100th Thomas Hawksley Lecture: Does It Make The Car Go Faster?

05 December 2012

Presented by Alex Burns, Chief Executive Officer, Williams Grand Prix Holdings Plc

In the 100th Thomas Hawksley Lecture, Alex Burns gives an overview of the sport of Formula 1 and the Williams F1 Team. He describes the frenetic pace of product evolution and the unique motorsport culture that allows this to happen. He illustrates this with a description of the development of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) first introduced in the sport in 2009.

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Engineering Innovation – Gearing up for the Patent Box
MTC, 25 October 2012

25 October 2012

Engineering Innovation – Gearing up for the Patent Box
MTC, 25 October 2012

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Downsizing for Fuel Efficiency - A replacement for displacement?

04 October 2012

Explore the history of engine pressure-charging and the development to date of downsized engines. Presented by Dr Chris Brace, Chairman of the Institution’s Automobile Division and Senior Lecturer in Automotive Engineering, University of Bath.

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The Great Personal Transport Debate 2012: 'Will your car cost the earth?'

02 August 2012

Road pricing, green fuels and rising oil prices were among the subjects tackled at a landmark debate hosted by the UK’s largest engineering institutions at Reading University earlier this year.

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High Speed Rail- British Plans in a World Perspective

19 March 2012

Free Evening Lecture, 17:15 for 18:00

Presented by Andrew McNaughton, Technical Director, High Speed 2

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Sustainable Mobility: Mission Impossible?

26 May 2011

Meeting the short and medium term challenge of making a significant improvement in sustainable mobility requires “the pragmatic application of known commercially viable technologies to mass market vehicles and proven ITS traffic management strategies in urban environments”

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1000mph Using Three Types of Thrust

12 May 2011

In order to propel the car to these speeds BLOODHOUND SSC is unique in having three separate engines; The Eurojet EJ200 from the Eurofighter Typhoon, an 18” hybrid rocket developed by the Falcon Rocket Program, and the CA2010 F1 engine from Cosworth. Combined these give BLOODHOUND SSC in excess of 20 tonnes of thrust, and an equivalent horsepower of 133,000bhp.

Presented by Mark Chapman, Chief Engineer, BLOODHOUND SSC

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Developing Innovative Vehicles: The Challenges and Demands (James Clayton Memorial Lecture)

18 October 2010

This lecture examines the paradox of innovation, and the challenges faced when developing ground-breaking vehicles to meet the demands of the global markets.

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Automobile Division Chairman's Address 2010: Reducing Carbon Emissions - Can the automobile make a positive contribution?

14 October 2010

Transport accounts for 20% of all greenhouse emissions worldwide, and 50% of this comes from automobiles. Legislation is driving down CO2 emissions for new vehicles, but are the targets and their achievement too little and too late? Prevention of a 2ºC rise in temperature requires an 85% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. Can this be achieved, and what contribution can the automobile make?

In his address, Prof Peter White will examine these questions taking into account technical innovation, energy sources, trends in vehicle ownership and socio-economic behaviour.

THIS LECTURE IS FREE AND OPEN TO ALL. Refreshments will be served at 17:45 and the lecture will begin at 18:15.

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The New Bentley Mulsanne - The Pinnacle of British Motoring

27 May 2010

Dr Ulrich Eichhorn's lecture will cover the history and heritage behind the car, the interior and exterior design processes, the engineering development story and the key technical features.

This lecture is kindly sponsored by Bentley

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Presidential Address 2010: The Low Carbon Vehicle - Engineering the Challenge

26 May 2010

John Wood examines the challenges and opportunities presented by the move towards a low carbon transport future and celebrates some of the achievements of automotive engineering over the past 50 years.

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Chairman's Address: What has Formula One ever done for us?

01 October 2009

The 2009 Chairman's Address focussed on how F1 techniques can be applied to speed development, encourage innovation, deliver complex projects on time and make a profit.

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Nissan Battery Investment

20 July 2009

Dr Colin Brown speaks on Nissan's plans to manufacture batteries at its Sunderland car plant.

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Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation Lecture - The History of Another Dimension - 50 Years of Bentley's V8 Engine

22 January 2009

Dr Ulrich Eichhorn's lecture covers the original design and development of the Bentley V8 engine, from its introduction in 1959 through to its present day form in the newly launched Bentley Brooklands coupe.

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Engineering the Future in a Climate of Change - Automobile Chairman's Address

10 December 2008

Climate change challenges automotive engineers. In his Chairman's Address Prof. Richard Folkson discusses energy alternatives and looks at automotive solutions and opportunities.

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Feeding the Tigers

18 December 2007

Feeding the Tigers explores the development of some of Asia's automotive tigers and considers the influence that the UK automotive industry has had over their formative years. It will also review the current state of their automotive industries, the influencing factors and ambitions and considers possible future scenarios when the tigers eventually come of age.

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