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Engineering safe sustainable solutions - from build to decommissioning

11 June 2012

Judith Hackitt, Chair of Health and Safety Executive, will draw upon a number of case studies that highlight the importance of engineering solutions that can be built, operated and then modified to accommodate new technologies or decommissioned and disposed of safely and sustainably. Using examples such as the Flixborough and Piper Alpha disasters along with HSE's recent work in Emerging Energy Technologies and on the Olympic Park build project, Judith will cover a range of issues and challenges that are faced by engineers and those working in the health and safety system.

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Safety fast: the art of super sonic safety

13 September 2011

How can you manage risks where not only do you not know all the answers, but quite probably not even the questions? This presentation is to describe how the BLOODHOUND SSC team manage and mitigate the risks they know, but also the philosophy behind designing the car to deal with those they don’t.

Presented by Mark Chapman, Chief Engineer, Bloodhound SSC

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The Fire and Explosion at the Buncefield Oil Terminal: The Basic Causes and the Impact on Industry

01 June 2010

The massive fire and explosion at the Buncefield Oil Terminal, Hertfordshire on 11 December 2005 made international headlines.  But what actually happened?

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Lessons from GE19: Essential Engineering Questions

02 June 2009

Presented by Martin Brown, the Director of Health, Safety and Environment at Transport for London, this lecture will provide an insight into the investigation undertaken after the collapse of the GE19 bridge. It will provide a chance to debate the issues relating to the reasons for failure and the lessons learnt. Additionally, it will examine the barriers that exist to the application of fundamental engineering principles within innovative design.

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