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Railway Division Lecture: Paris Metro Line 1 Driverless Trains

21 October 2013

November 2011: The very first driverless passenger train is launched on the Paris Metro Line, 111 years after its inauguration. A complete fleet of 49 driverless trains now runs which confirms both the human and technical success of the experience.

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Railway Division Lecture: Chairman's Address

16 September 2013

This lecture highlights the importance for the engineer to be guided by the commercial reality in his relations with the supply chain, the customer and the OEM, highlighting past failures that have created either safety risks for the operator or commercial risks for the owner. It will also argue that at a time when today’s railways are changing technically more quickly than at any time in its history, there is a commercial need for a proper design authority structure to be in place for the life of an asset.

Presented by Chris Moss, Consultant, Relationship Development, Eversholt

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Young Engineers Presentation Competition Final 2013

20 May 2013

The final of the Young Engineers Presentation Competition 2013 saw the winners of the regional heats go head to head in London for the chance to win £1000.

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Understanding and Controlling Noise and Vibration from Railways

22 April 2013

David Thompson, Professor of Railway Noise and Vibration at the University of Southampton, discusses the sources of noise and vibration and their physical mechanisms.

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London Overground - Recipe for a Reliable Railway

18 March 2013

This lecture summarised London Overground's approach to consistently achieving an overall successful performance.

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George Ramshaw Curry Prestige Lecture: Current and Future Developments in EU Rail Policy

18 February 2013

This lecture was given by Keir Fitch, Deputy Head of Cabinet of Vice-President Kallas, Commissioner for Transport

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Sustaining Real Innovation in Railway and Trains: The Centrality of Technology

14 January 2013

Andy Doherty, Director of System Engineering at Network Rail, will give a talk introducing the challenges and opportunities in the area of Real Innovation in Railways and Trains, with a focus on technology.

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Life at the sharp end: A maintainers view

29 October 2012

Presented by Tim Moss, Engineering Manager, Nottingham Tram

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Creating a single European transport area: rail perspectives and challenges

08 October 2012

Presented by Dr Libor Lochman, Executive Director Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) AISBL

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Railway Division Chairman's Address- Interfaces and Interactions

24 September 2012

Free Evening Lecture, 17.15 for 18.00

Presented by Ms Bridget Eickhoff

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Re-railing Innovation

28 May 2012

Each year, the IMechE Railway Division holds a competition of technical presentations to give Young Members the chance to win £1000! Five regional heats have been held across the country showcasing a very high standard of engineering talent. These five winners will now compete for the prize!

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George Ramshaw Curry Prestige Lecture: Crossrail- 2012 Challenges and Solutions

20 February 2012

Presented by Chris Sexton, Technical Director, Crossrail

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S Stock Value Engineering: The Benefits of Co-operation

16 January 2012

Presented by Malcolm Dobell, Head of Train Systems and Permanent Way, London Underground and Geoff Bolton, S Stock Value Engineer, London Underground

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99th Thomas Hawksley Lecture - Delivering Crossrail

14 December 2011

Presented by Terry Morgan CBE FRENG, Chairman, Crossrail

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ERTMS- The Story of a Success

28 November 2011

Presented by Jim Morgan, Principal Programme Sponsor (National Programmes), Network Rail

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Why bother with adhesion?

31 October 2011

Felix Schmid, Associate Professor, University of Birmingham will present a history of mountain railways

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European train acceptance- It's getting easier, right?

10 October 2011

International themed lecture presented by Paul Seller, Director - Product Safety, Bombardier Transportation

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Railway Division Chairman's Address: Efficiency & Opportunity In Railway Engineering

26 September 2011

Drawing from experience of a wide range of railway businesses and projects, this address will illustrate the value of connecting engineering decisions with the joined-up management of rail revenue and cost. It will also address the importance of opportunities for professional development of railway engineers at all levels.

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Intercity Express Programme

27 June 2011

The Railway Division is delighted to host the first major public lecture on the interesting and sometimes controversial subject of the Inter City Express Programme (IEP). The evening will be jointly led by Department for Transport (DfT) and Agility Trains.

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The Intelligent Railway - How Can Railway Condition Monitoring Help Us Predict and Plan for the Future?

04 April 2011

Presented by Professor Clive Roberts, Birmingham University

This address will present the state-of-the-art in railway condition monitoring, in addition to providing details of future applications that are being developed as part of research projects taking place at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with British and international stakeholders.

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Delivering Transport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

14 March 2011

This presentation will include discussion on the Scale, form and nature of the Games

Presented by Hugh Sumner, Director of Transport, ODA

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Passive Safety Design and Validation of a European Rail Platform

17 January 2011

Presented by: Professor John Roberts, Manager Centre of Competence Crash Safety,
Bombardier Transport

The paper will cover the Normative references for RST Interoperability in the areas of Structural Crashworthiness and Interior Passive Safety.

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Value for Money Railway: Time for a Change

29 November 2010

This year’s Sir Seymour Biscoe Tritton lecture will provide a progress report on the Rail Value for Money Study, and will discuss some of the key issues which the Rail Value for Money Study has identified.

Presented by Sir Roy McNulty, Rail Value for Money Study

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The Tornado Story - From Dream to Steam

01 November 2010

Presented by David Elliott, Director of Engineering, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust

This illustrated talk covers the epic story of how a conversation in a pub turned into a generation long struggle to build a steam locomotive from scratch, by asking members of the public to donate ‘the price of a pint’ !  Covering the creation of the Trust in 1990 and a brief history of the class of locomotive built. 

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Railway Division Chairman's Address: Making the most of what we have…

20 September 2010

Presented by Tim Dugher, Angel Trains. 

This year’s address will focus on identifying the positives out of a slow economy, and making the most of existing assets.

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Railway Division AGM

13 May 2010

Railway Division AGM

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Railway Division Young Engineers - Presentations Competition Final

13 May 2010

Come along to support our Young Engineers and discover what the next generation are doing.

The top three presenters from the regional heats will battle it out at this final for £1500 prize fund.

Refreshments served from 5.30, the lecture will start at 6pm prompt.

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Passengers, Procurement and Product Development – The Supply Chain for a Successful Railway

08 March 2010

This lecture is free and open to all. Refreshments are available from 5.15, the lecture will start at 6pm prompt.

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A Joined up Railway: Procuring An Integrated Rail System in Scotland

22 February 2010

The presentation will explain how the consideration of train service, rolling stock and infrastructure specifications as a complete system is necessary in order to best value for money in pursuit of promoting sustainable economic growth. The link from purpose, through an integrated system specification to engineering decisions will be illustrated with Scottish examples.

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Taking up the Gauntlet – TfL’s Strategy for Sustainability & Environment on London's Rail Networks

23 November 2009

Sir Seymour Biscoe Tritton Prestige Lecture presented by Ian Brown BSc FCILT,Managing Director, London Rail, Transport for London

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Moving Tube Heritage Railways Division Heritage Lecture

12 October 2009

Looking at the Heritage Trains on the London Underground in the past decades.

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Interoperability, Europe and Morris Dancing

28 September 2009

Presented by: Chris Carr, Deputy Director, Department for Transport

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Railway Division Chairman's Address Bridging the Gap - Industry and Academia in Harmony

14 September 2009

Presented by Professor Roger Goodall this years address will follow up on the message from the chairman last year 'The Importance of Engineering Science', in particular focussing upon the need for strong links between industry and the 'science base' (principally the universities). Ideas and techniques are being generated by universities that are applicable to the railways; equally there are issues in the industry to which universities can contribute.

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Is Rail a Viable Mode of Transport for the 21st Century? - Sir Seymour Biscoe Tritton lecture

27 April 2009

A view on where rail needs to improve if it is to have a successful future, looking at actual costs, reliability and carbon performance, and how technology and better knowledge management could improve the railway’s service.

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S Stock - A New Train for London's Sub-Surface Railway

09 March 2009

The presentation outlines the key features of the S Stock design, in particular the innovative features being introduced onto London's Sub-Surface Railway.

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ERTMS Opportunities in the UK

16 February 2009

What is ERTMS? Where is it being used? Why do we want it? Can we afford it? Where are we? What are we planning? Issues and opportunities.

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Recreating the Whitby and Pickering Railway

19 January 2009

Philip Benham discusses how North Yorkshire Moors Railway brought a regular train service back between the towns of Pickering, becoming the first heritage railway licensed to run trains on Network Rail.

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Towards High Speed 2 - The 96th Thomas Hawksley Memorial Lecture

08 December 2008

The launch of High Speed 1 has transformed travel between the UK and continental Europe, significantly reducing journey times and encouraging phenomenal growth in travellers from across the UK regions.

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Hybrid Traction Systems - What's In Store for the Future of Train Propulsion?

24 November 2008

This lecture outlines the energy and carbon challenges for UK transport, and rail in particular, a topic highly relevant to the industry from both a cost and environmental standpoint.

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The Importance of Engineering Science - What Did We Do With It, Where Is It Now and Where Will It Go?

15 September 2008

During the privatisation process the railway turned its back on engineering science. Short term pragmatism ruled and engineering science was seen as unimportant to the individually privatised companies. It was not until the dreadful accidents of the 1997-2000 period that a pan-industry approach to research was re-initiated.

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CTRL: Progress and Introduction

21 April 2008

The talk is organised with elements of both Infrastructure and Rolling Stock aspects, so as to provide an overall system view of the CTRL Project. It will examine the geography and constraints of construction of high speed line in the Southeast of England and the operation of the line.

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The Greatest Railway Journey in the World?

15 January 2008

This lecture looks at the history of the line with its troubled and protracted gestation and short-lived existence through to the magnificent reconstruction now being undertaken. The title is justified not just by the eventual travel the new railway will provide and the spectacular scenery it passes through but in the engineering and conception of the scheme to revive it.

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Mechatronic Trains - What Might They Do For Railways?

29 November 2007

The lecture begins with an overview of mechatronic possibilities for railway vehicles, focussed upon the application to suspensions and bogies. The main technical options will be identified, and the current state-of-the-art summarised by describing some recent developments.

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Technical Harmonisation of European Railways

11 October 2007

This lecture will question whether the technical harmonisation of European railways is a necessary process for the borderless operations an open market,or a threat to innovation and competitiveness.

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Delivering Train Systems on the Victoria Line - a PPP Project

16 April 2007

This presentation highlights Bombardier's approach to delivering their turnkey project to upgrade the Victoria Line. This will cover the integration of both train and signalling systems to replace the existing Victoria Line ATO and will include a detailed review of the new train design considering the particular requirements of the PPP and underground environment.

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All Change - Managing a Changing Railway

29 March 2007

This lecture, presented by John Armitt, discusses the challenges of managing a changing railway, along with the organisational and culture change programme he has led in his five years as Chief Executive of Network Rail. John considers the challenges of the future in the next phase of Network Rail's change programme.

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Creating the World's Fastest Diesel - the Story of the JCB Dieselmax Project

21 March 2007

This presentation focuses on the JCB DieselMax project from its conception through to the establishment and implementation of the full engineering project which culminated in achieving the World Record of 350mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, on 23 August 2006.

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New Trains for London Overground - The East London Line Project

12 March 2007

This lecture provides overview of the project and the design of the new Rolling Stock. It will describe the factors that defined the specification and selection of the new trains, showing the areas where an existing product platform has been adapted to meet the particular needs of a new metro system for London, and the engineering challenges that have arisen.

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Delivering a World Class Railway

12 February 2007

In recent years, Network Rail has delivered a substantially better railway to Britain and has learnt vital lessons to deliver the major investments required in the future. Iain Coucher will describe how Network Rail is building on its current success to move the organisation up a gear and be even more effective to deliver a world class railway.

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