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The Future of Coal: Pre-combustion Extraction of Carbon

03 October 2013

Coal has always been the biggest single contributor of raw energy for fossil fuel power generation stations, and there is a commercial desire to maintain this status quo – but only if its CO2 contribution is reduced by at least 50%. How can this be addressed cost-effectively?
Presentation by John Griffiths, Gasification Matters

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Laboratory design, construction and sustainable operation

25 June 2013

Presented by Gordon Farquharson, B.Sc. (Hons), C.Eng, Critical Systems Ltd, Calum Davis, Dip Arch RIBA ARB, Founder and Senior Partner, Architon LLP and Andrew Postlethwaite, BSc ICIOB, Director, Walter Lilly & Co Ltd

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Carbon Capture and Utilisation: Making future change happen

13 June 2013

We recycle paper, glass and plastics so why not carbon ? The economics and performance penalty on the energy intensive industries don’t seem to be very convincing, and public perception of carbon storage is not great. We currently produce far too much carbon to fully utilise, this lecture explores if we can do more than produce fire extinguishers and fizzy drinks with about 10% of the carbon produced.

Presented by:

Jon Price, Director, Smart Infrastructure - Energy Systems - Circular Economy, Centre for Low Carbon Futures

Professor Peter Styring, Chemical & Biological Engineering, The University of Sheffield

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Future Water Challenges for the UK: 2015 and beyond

31 January 2013

The presentation will give an overview of the current challenges faced by the industry (plus a reminder of what has been achieved since privatisation), what is being planned for the next regulatory period (AMP6) covering 2015 to 2020, and provide a little crystal ball gazing into the longer term future.

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Future Energy Supply – Spoilt for Choice, or Running Dry?

25 October 2012

This lecture will take a broad look at future energy supply scenarios, and explore the pro's and con's of different possibilities. Whilst the subject will be treated primarily from a UK viewpoint, the global situation will be sketched at the outset in order to provide a perspective for the arguments which are subsequently presented.

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Risks and realities: Shale Gas, geology and public opinion

07 June 2012

Presented by: Richard Davies, Professor of Energy at Durham University and Director of Durham Energy Institute.

Like GM crops, could public opinion kill shale gas in the UK and beyond? The now polarised debate in the UK has largely ignored 20 years of shale gas data from the USA.

As a preview to the event, Professor Davies has been interviewed for PE magazine about his recent research which indicates that fracking for shale gas should only take place at least 600m down from aquifers used for water supplies.

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Oil & Gas UK’s Activity Survey – what’s happening in the offshore industry?

15 March 2012

Despite the signs that 2011 was a record year for investment, exploration activity and production both fell dramatically, providing worrying signals for the UK oil and gas industry. Can the offshore oil and gas industry sustain its position as one of the largest industrial investors in the economy and a global leader in offshore technology and services? Free lecture open to all.

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Engineering equipment – coping with the human element!

31 January 2012

Engineering has become an extremely advanced field and as a profession our daily routine and challenges would have been seen as science fiction 50 years ago. Yet things sometimes go wrong – at great cost, sometimes of human life.

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The UK Oil and Gas Industry: a great British engineering success story and one of our best kept secrets

21 October 2010

In this free evening lecture, Malcolm Webb will present on the history and future prospects of this essential high-tech energy industry and review its contribution to the UK’s economy, energy security and affordability and environmental objectives. He will also reflect upon why the achievements and continuing importance of this industry are so poorly appreciated and what might be done to correct that.

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New Nuclear Build: The Role of the Independent Nuclear Safety Regulator

03 June 2010

HSE and the Environment Agency are working together to assess designs for new nuclear power stations that might eventually be built and operated in the UK.  The unique assessment process, known as Generic Design Assessment (GDA) is a four step process designed to allow for the assessment of the designs before major nuclear constructions starts, which improves overall regulatory effectiveness and minimises regulatory uncertainty.

This Lecture is free and open to all.

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In at the Deep End - a review of the move into deepwater oil exploration and the technology challenges facing the industry

30 September 2009

John Baxter, Group Head of Engineering, BP, reviews the engineering challenges as oil exploration and production moves from fixed platforms on the continental shelf to floating structures in deep water. 

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The Unknown Risk is the Infinite Risk

11 June 2007

This lecture proposes a different approach to risk management and mitigation, based on an integrated view of the entire risk context and suggesting a methodology which will take in the entire range of threats and hazards which face the modern enterprise.

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Clean Zero Emission Geopressure

06 March 2007

The presentation describes what geo-pressure is and the current status of global initiatives.

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