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Annual PSG Lecture - Nuclear Energy for the 21st Century

26 September 2013

At this annual Pressure Systems Group lecture Professor Andrew Sherry, from the University of Manchester's Dalton Nuclear Institute, discussed nuclear energy within a low carbon world, manufacturing and operational challenges for existing reactor designs as well as research challenges for future reactor systems.

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UK Shale Gas exploration

04 December 2012

In 2010 Cuadrilla Resources commenced an exploration drilling programme in the county of Lancashire. The focus was to evaluate the shale gas potential of the Bowland Basin, North West England.

Presented by: Mr Huw Clarke, Senior Geoscientist and Dr Peter Turner, Exploration Consultant and Founder Member, Cuadrilla Resources Ltd

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Fukushima: New wine is old wineskins?

24 May 2011

The events at Fukushima in Japan have knocked over the notion growing in many countries that a nuclear renaissance was inevitable. The scale of the accident, involving multiple reactors and the way it ran across the global news for weeks with a different problem being face almost every day, has challenged the idea that the nuclear industry has learned the lessons and is a now safe and sound means of generating electricity. The talk will attempt to explain what went wrong at Fukushima and the choices that the Japanese authorities had to make in the aftermath of the unprecedented earthquake that hit Japan on 11 March. It will start the process of learning the new lessons of Fukushima and consider whether the effects of the accident might be felt more by old reactors like those at Fukushima, or newer ones such as those planned to be built in the UK.

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FES Rowing after Spinal Cord Injury

23 June 2010

The lecture will illustrate the biomechanical development of the FES technology and adaptation of ergometers and sculls.

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Carbon Capture: Under Pressure

19 May 2010

To achieve global targets for reducing CO2 emissions, carbon abated clean coal technologies (CATs) will be required for retrofit to existing power plant and installation on new build power plant. Improved cycle efficiency and biomass co-firing will reduce CO2 emissions per unit of electricity generated, but to
achieve much larger reductions, up to 90%, there will be a need for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

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LNG: The UK’s Future

21 May 2009


Supported by the Tyne and Wear Young Members Panel
This evening lecture presented by Paul Maynard, Whessoe Oil & Gas will provide an introduction to the global LNG market and examine the UK’s current market position.

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